The two dark days of Afghan history

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Nations that don’t learn lessons from their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Afghan people, particularly politicians, are bogged down in who was on the right or wrong side of the history instead of making an effort to guarantee a bright future for citizens by learning from the past experience. They have differing views on the events -- The Saur Revolution and Mujahedeen Victory Day-- unfolded on 7th and 8th Saur (April 27 and 28) respectively. One side describes the 7th of Saur as the dawn of all miseries in Afghanistan, and even uses this rhetoric to justify all the crimes committed during the civil war. Without judging by or thinking over what injustice they have done to people, they shamelessly pin the blame for all the ordeals on their opponents, while in fact they are as guilty for the destruction of the country as their opponents. The opposing group labels the 8th of Saur ‘the start of bad days’ of Afghans, while they had precipitated the affliction of Afghan people way prior to that day by staging a coup against Shaheed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan.
For Afghan people, the culprits of both 7th and 8th of Saur are the same. Both have betrayed the country and willingly or unwillingly played a key role in its destruction. Each side has done an unforgivable injustice to the country and people. If the perpetrators of 7th of Saur brought about the Soviet invasion, the agents of 8th of Saur also cleared the way for the interference of the United States and Pakistan in the country’s internal affairs. If the former rendered Afghan women widows and children orphans with the support of Russians, the latter also took the lives of countless men, women and children during the civil war.
For Afghans, both the 7th and 8th of Saur are dark days. On 7th of Saur, they lost an extremely patriotic president and a legitimate government, and on 8th of Saur, the power-thirsty Mujahedeen leaders turned the achievement gained through millions of sacrifices into a civil war. The perpetrators of both days should have been brought to justice rather than having allowed them to rule the nation again, solely because of being helpless. The people of Afghanistan want to see the culprits of both dark days behind bars than in power.

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