The result of election in case insecurity continues

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Insecurity remains a major challenge for the coming parliamentary and district council election. The militants have targeted voter registration centers and election employees in some provinces within the very first days of the launch of voter registration process. The militants killed two police officers guarding a voter registration center in Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nangarhar province. Separately, the militants have kidnapped election employees in western Ghor province, while a voter registration center was attacked with a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) in Badghis province. These incidents have occurred over the first week of the kickoff of the voter registration process in provincial centers, which are considered relatively secure compared to districts and rural areas that are due to see the process in second phase. The level of threats faced by election staff will further heighten as the registration process is extended to districts and then remote areas.
The security challenges facing election are serious. When the government cannot provide security for election staff, how people should be expected to go to the polls.
Although security forces are assigned to maintain security at polling centers, the voters will have to return back homes after the voting, where there is no guarantee of security. The responsibility of the government is not only to provide security at voting centers but also create a climate where the voters can feel safe right, left and center. If the government fails to provide security for electoral personnel, how it will ensure the security of voters.
If insecurity continues as now, the two key principles of election -- inclusiveness and transparency -- cannot be ensured. The residents of many areas of the country may not be able to participate in election due to insecurity and fear of violence, thereby brining the inclusiveness of election under question. When the election is not inclusive, it cannot represent all the people. On the other hand, insecurity paves the way for vote rigging, thereby allowing the powerful and rich to stuff ballot boxes in their favor.
The government has to take serious steps to provide necessary security for election, otherwise the election cannot represent the will of citizens, and will rather strengthen anti-government elements than the regime owing to the rise of regional strongmen to power in parliament and district councils.

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