Sustained American silence on Pakistani incursions

Monday, 16 April 2018 03:03 Written by  Read 45 times

Afghans, contrary to their natural resentment against foreign invaders of their country, agreed to establish relations with the United States, based on which the American military presence in Afghanistan was inevitable. The biggest reason for this concurrence was the evil neighbors. Afghan people, who had been deprived of their pride and dignity by decades of conflict, were caught between a rock and a hard place. They should have either tolerated the fall of their central government by the proxy forces backed by neighboring countries, and the repeat of the bitter experience of civil war, or concur with the American military presence, which was not an easy option for them to opt for. Since they were scared of the repeat of the anarchy and civil war of 80s, they chose to have US troops in the country. Although Afghans had enough experience of the American behavior, they preferred to opt for ‘bad’ between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’.
The people of Afghanistan hoped the US-led international coalition will protect them from the evil of their neighboring countries, especially Pakistan. Based on mutual agreements, they estimated that the United States of America will at least stand by Afghanistan in case of foreign invasion; however, the experience of the last several years unfortunately proved that calculus wrong.
In addition to harboring and backing anti-Afghan government militants, Pakistan has been firing artillery shells into Afghan provinces for the last several years. Similarly, Pakistani forces have crossed into Afghanistan, and even built military establishments in several areas on Afghan side of the Durand Line. Just yesterday, Pakistani forces tried to cross the Durand Line into the Jaji Maidan district in southeastern Khost province, ensuing a heavy clash between the two sides. This is a recent example of Pakistan’s flagrant violations of the territorial integrity of Afghanistan, but still the United States is silent.
If Washington doesn’t support Kabul even during a blatant invasion of Afghan territory, why should Afghan people live with the hostility of regional countries for the sake of relations with the United States? Why should Afghan people be coerced into maintaining relations that don’t serve their interests?
Pakistan’s behavior towards Afghanistan should define the relationship between Kabul and Washington. If that bond cannot prevent Islamabad from playing a destructive role in Afghanistan, there is no any other advantage to justify the continuation of such relationship with the United States.

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