ANDSF should protect public properties, not loot them

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 03:30 Written by  Read 135 times

Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ADNSF) is the only government structure on which Afghan people can pin all their hopes for a bright future. The relative stability and security in the country is the direct result of the sacrifices of Afghan forces. They and their families are the primary victims of the ongoing war. On daily basis, tens of them make the supreme sacrifice to defend their country and people. But despite all that, there are also sometimes reports on some saddening incidents involving Afghan forces. For instance, reports of sale of weapons given to them to protect people to militants by their commanders, and/or causing damage to public properties. The residents of southeastern Paktika province have lately complained that Afghan forces chop down their chilgoza pine trees. They allege that the police illegally cut down forests in Zirok district, and then sell the wood to traders.
Public property, including forests, is owned collectively by all the people of the country, not only the current generations, but also the ones to come. No one reserves the right to use such property for personal purposes. Public properties should be used for the welfare of future generations, and their protection is one of the main responsibilities of the security forces who should not allow the mafia and enemies of people to use the property for personal purposes. Looting public property by the police rather than protecting it is completely unacceptable.
This illegal activity by the police further underlines the need for reform in the security apparatuses, and shows that the issue of spirit of loyalty among Afghan forces is still there. Some of them still give preference to their personal interests over those of the nation, and even their main reason for joining Afghan forces is not to serve the country and people but themselves. The central government, especially heads of the security institutions, should not take these incidents lightly, because they blacken the image of Afghan forces among people, especially at a time when the focus of the enemies is to weaken Afghan forces.
Instilling a spirit of loyalty and nationalism in Afghan Defense and Security Forces is a top priority, to which keen attention should be paid during their training. Loyalty and nationalism in ANDSF can solve many problems faced by Afghanistan, so keen attention should be paid to promote them.

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