The use of transparency as pretext to defer election

Tuesday, 03 April 2018 03:06 Written by  Read 108 times

Inclusiveness, transparency, and impartiality of election commissions are unquestionably crucial for election. Nontransparent and unfair election cannot represent the real will of a nation. The inclusivity and transparency of election are in question due to security problems and failure to overhaul the electoral system. The government’s concentration on personnel shakeup has badly undermined the autonomy of the Independent Election Commission (IEC). These are the flaws that should have been addressed during the early days of the National Unity Government, or at least until now.
Now that these flaws remain unaddressed, and that the government has killed a lot of time in the name of electoral reforms, how much logical it may seem to pave the way for more delay in the election in one name or another. Talking at the plenary session of Wolesi Jirga on Monday, some lawmakers blasted IEC and the government for not clearing the way for election. They believed the key preconditions for election have not yet been satisfied. While they did not clearly raise the issue of delay in election, their statements implicitly suggested to be creating a pretext for the government to further postpone the election. The sitting Wolesi Jirga, whose term has already expired and is serving “concessional years,” is unfortunately largely unsuccessful. They have not properly represented their constituents, with most of them being aware that they haven’t a prayer of winning the upcoming race, so some are trying to create more pretexts for the government to further postpone the polls, while others have no regard for representation at all, and just want to stay on as lawmakers for the sake of their personal interests.
Afghan people need “real parliamentarians” to represent them, something solely possible through transparent voting. The international community and organizations supporting election have to listen to Afghan people instead of lawmakers imposed on the nation using wealth and power, and assist them in ensuring a transparent election. The roots of the problem of transparency of election lie in electoral system; therefore, delaying election in other names cannot help tackle the issue. It will not be logical to provide any more pretexts in the name of reform for a government that failed to revamp the electoral system in the four years of its five-year term.

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