The wave of Pashtun awakening

Monday, 26 March 2018 02:45 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 96 times

A sit-in held in Kabul in support of, and solidarity with, the Pashtun Protection Movement (PPM), also known as Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), in Pakistan was attacked on Saturday night, leaving behind one protestor martyred and several others wounded. This was a barbaric attack on a peaceful civil movement, which has no justification, and is condemnable regardless of who has carried out the attack.
Pashtuns have been the victims of a big conspiracy for decades. Pashtuns living on both sides of the colonial-era Durand Line drawn at the heart of Pashtun territory have made and still continue to make a lot of sacrificesin the fight againstterrorism and extremism. Although there are attempts to portray Pashtuns as extremists, the truth is quite otherwise. Pashtuns are the main victims of terrorism andextremism, and the two phenomena have been imposed on them. On the one hand, Pashtun villages and homes are bombed in the name of war on terror, but on the other hand there are attempts to silence their anti-extremism voices.
Having made countless sacrifices over the past several decades, Pashtun youths have finally begun to raise their voice against extremism and the suffering inflicted on Pashtuns. Intellectual youth, who no longer can tolerate the atrocities committed against Pashtuns, stage civil movements. Without taking up arms, they set up a peaceful sit-in camp at a corner of the city, discuss the threat the terrorism has posed not only to Pashtuns but also the entire region, and call for an end to the evil of terrorism. While they have come to the conclusion that taking up weapon is not the way out of the current imbroglio, the superpowers and implementers of their schemes in the region view these movements as a threat to their interests and goals. They know that Pashtun awakening is the beginning of an end of their war conspiracies so that is why they are trying to quell these voices by hook or by crook. The ground reality, however, shows that such disruptive moves cannot stop Pashtuns in their quest for a positive change after making incalculable sacrifices for generations. Nothing can stop or deter Pashtuns, who have long been oppressed and lived on the brink of death, from their struggle for rights.
The time has come for all close and distant states to let Pashtuns live freely on their land. Before the issue of changing and redrawing the map of the region comes into play, Pashtuns should be given their rights as guaranteed by international laws, and the oppression of this peace-loving nation through the use of extremists should stop outright. Moreover, it is the responsibility of Afghan government to provide tight security for all civil movements.


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