President again sacrifices rule of law for political deal

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There is a famous saying that: If you want to make everyone happy, sell ice cream - don’t be a leader. It is not possible for political leaders to win the heart of every citizen of a country, thus the principle of majority comes into play in democratic societies. Politicians, especially those elected by direct votes of masses, are obliged to make decisions protecting the interests of the majority of citizens. Whoever is not ready and willing to make such decisions and run a risk has no chance of success even if he or she has got a genuine will to serve people, because there are individuals in every society whose personal interests are in conflict with those of the nation. This category of people hampers government’s reform programs intended for the majority of people; therefore, government leaders should have the nerve to stand out against them.
Though it is well aware of the fallouts of “deals”, the leadership of the National Unity Government formed on the basis of a political deal instead of the vote of the nation was once again bullied into striking yet another illegal political deal. President Ghani indeed lost more than he gained in his deal with Ata Mohammad Noor, the former governor of northern Balkh province. Following months of political wrangling and tensions, President Ghani, who proudly calls himself the commander-in-chief of more than 350,000 armed forces in every gathering of Afghan forces, eventually rode roughshod over the rule of the whole government to satisfy the demands of a strongman. The deal showed how much the president is committed to rule of law!
By capitulating to the pressure of a provincial governor, the president not only sacrificed rule of law, but also reinvigorated the practice of defiance against the central government, thereby eliminating a relative fear the strongmen had of the central government. In case of any danger to their interests, the strongmen will start warning and challenging the central government to seek political deals. Although the government may bill Noor’s negotiated departure from Balkh governorship as an achievement, the terms on which the deal has been struck means nothing but defeat.
Since the inception of the National Unity Government, President Ghani has exercised unnecessary, damaging caution in connection with key national issues, which has done more harm than good. It is in fact the people and the state paying the price for the president’s infirm stance. That is the very reason that Afghan people were deprived of electronic national identity cards as the country’s flagship national project. However, the president still seems adamant and content, claiming that he won’t surrender to any force, and will emerge victorious in internal politics.

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