Afghan conflict; continuation of blame game

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Afghan conflict has partly been complicated by the blame game in which Afghanistan’s close and distant neighbors accuse their rival states of hatching plots against them in Afghanistan. Russia is accusing the United Sates of seeking to facilitate the transfer of terrorists, and spillover of violence and war into Central Asia to curb Moscow’s regional hegemony. Recently, Russian officials have repeatedly voiced concern that unknown helicopters are transporting Daesh terrorists to Afghanistan’s northern regions.

Iran has also given backing to Russia’s concern. Speaking with diplomats and journalists, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has alleged that Washington is trying to strengthen Daesh in Afghanistan, and then use its presence and activities to threaten neighboring countries. Zarif has even claimed that the unidentified helicopters carrying Daesh fighters belong to Americans.

It is not only Russia and Iran; Pakistan which is afraid of and publicly opposing Afghan-Indian ties has also accused both countries of aiding militant groups fighting against Pakistan. The ongoing blame game deteriorates than rectifies the situation. If Moscow and Tehran have evidence about American involvement in the transfer of Daesh fighters, they should share it with the international community to find out who are really supporting the terror outfit.


Meanwhile, Kabul has proposed Moscow to carry out joint investigation into Daesh activities in Afghanistan. Instead of making accusations, Moscow and Tehran should accept Kabul’s proposal. Daesh fighters detained by Afghan forces should be jointly interrogated. Also, Russian and Iranian officials should provide information about the unknown helicopters if they can, and share their findings with people so that they know who Daesh fighters are, and what the goals behind the creation of Daesh are. If the findings implicate the United States in creating Daesh to counter and harm its regional rivals, at least people will not point the finger at Russia and Iran for supporting the Taliban. Otherwise, mutual recriminations cannot bring stability to the region. It is crystal clear that regional stability is more in the interest of Russia and Tehran than the West, so both should extend a helping hand to Afghanistan to achieve that goal.

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