Afghan peace in need of real support

Monday, 12 March 2018 03:19 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 218 times

The support of many countries for the peaceful settlement of Afghan conflict is a step forward. President Ghani’s peace offer to the Taliban in the second Meeting of Kabul Process was welcome by the majority of nations, an indication that the international community has come to the conclusion that Afghan war doesn’t have a military solution. Now is the time for the international community to go beyond just welcoming, and extend real support to realization of peaceful solution.
Countries believing that the use of force will only escalate and prolong the war should step forward to facilitate direct talks between the warring sides. Furthermore, they can also convince the nations that are pursuing their interests in protracting war in Afghanistan that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan can serve their interests; therefore, they don’t have to seek them in bloodshed.
Continued war and weak central government allow terror groups to operate in Afghanistan. The longer the war continues, the higher the possibility of expansion of terrorism. The rise in Daesh activities is a textbook example of the trend. If a peace deal had been struck with the Taliban on time, and had there been no emphasis on use of force, there would have been no chance for Daesh to emerge and operate in Afghanistan. It is right that the Taliban insurgency has paved the way for Daesh activities in the country, but Taliban should be left with no excuse to continue the fight. If they join Afghanistan’s mainstream politics through a successful reconciliation process, the central government’s control and might will automatically be consolidated, something that will turn up the heat on terrorists.
Afghanistan free of terrorists is particularly in the interest of regional states because peace not war can protect their interests here. War deprives not only Afghanistan but also the entire region of the potential to properly utilize its resources. The regional nations should support Afghan peace process for their economic interests, and that is the only way to achieve and then cement stability. The use of terror groups as proxy forces may secure the interests of certain countries in the short run, but in the long run they can turn into a major evil force and headache for all regional states, including those that now nurture them.

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