Political parties not worthy of quota seats in election

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The political parties operating in Afghanistan are largely pursuing and working for the interests and agendas of certain circles instead of the country’s national interests. An absolute majority of these “fringe groups” are not established on a specific ideology and political orientation, and are more individual-oriented. Many of them are made up of individuals who should rather be incarcerated than allowed to lead a political party if they face transitional justice. Most leaders and members of leadership council of these groups are accused of grave human rights violations, war crimes and covert deals with foreign intelligence circles, and therefore cannot be expected to represent Afghan people. Even political parties, who claim enjoying public support, have no grass roots. Similarly, some individuals associate themselves with these groups only to protect their personal interests not that they agree with their platforms and agendas.


It is a fact that political parties have not been institutionalized in Afghanistan, and there is still a long way to reach that stage. Nonetheless, some political parties have recently begun efforts to guarantee the role of political parties in the upcoming parliamentary and district council election by urging the government to amend the Election Law to provide for a share of seats for political parties in the parliamentary and district council elections.  They have even warned of taking to the streets if their demands are not met. 

Such demand is not logical and in the interest of people at least now as both the situation in Afghanistan doesn’t allow it, and the political parties are still not in a position to really represent the masses, so any the allotment of any seats to them is an injustice to the people of Afghanistan. Currently, there are more than 100 registered political parties in Afghanistan, though it is a small country. An overwhelming majority of them have been established to pursue personal interests than serve the people, and don’t have any clear national agenda. 

The issue of allocation of seats for political parties in parliamentary and district council election should be raised when real political parties are formed and they really attract public support. Now, there are people who simultaneously have membership of two to three political parties, but they have no information about their charters and platforms. There are even examples where political parties have collected national identity cards from people in different pretexts, and then made membership cards for them without their knowledge. The issue is not to change the election into a party system, but rather to conduct the election. It is a huge injustice to Afghan people if the emphasis of political parties on allocation of quota of seats for them in parliamentary and district council election leads to further delay in the poll.



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    Political parties not worthy of quota seats in election
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