The government’s damaging restraint

Monday, 26 February 2018 03:34 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 342 times

The National Unity Government (NUG) is unnecessarily exercising a damaging restraint in some instances. Such form of caution rather causes many other problems by paving the way for interference of opportunistic elements than rectifies the situation. One of the examples of NUG’s harmful restraint is repeatedly delaying the distribution process of electronic national identity cards (e-NIC) or e-Tazkira. While all legal barriers to the rollout of the key project have already been addressed, the government has taken the national project hostage for the sake of a handful of individuals who are known for deal-making with foreign circles. 


The government has initiated the biometric registration process for e-Tazkira only for its officials at the Presidential Palace. The government’s laxity in this area is a detrimental political prudence which provides an opportunity for circles, whose interests are threatened by electronic identity cards, to muddy the waters. 

Since the distribution of e-NICs is major step towards ensuring transparency in the country, it jeopardizes the interests of corrupt and opportunistic elements who will use whatever means they have to sabotage and frustrate the process. Recurrent delays in initiating e-Tazkira distribution process have inflicted enormous damage on Afghanistan. One of the key factors behind major problems in Afghanistan, ranging from insecurity to rampant corruption, is traditional governance where transparency cannot be guaranteed. Thus, e-Tazkira is an important step to address these problems and change to e-governance. All endeavors to computerize governance will prove useless unless the electronic identity cards are distributed. 

Although some government officials have completed registration to get e-Tazkira, the process still seems symbolic. There is a need to turn the page and start the distribution process across the country so that every Afghan gets the chance to obtain e-Tazkira. The government cannot make the excuse that it lacks resources and capacity to do so because the e-Tazkira Department says it is fully prepared to launch the distribution process.

The government, as the responsible authority, should never let certain circles sabotage a major national project and take the will of people hostage for the sake of their personal and partisan interests. There are no legal reasons left to put the distribution of electronic national identity cards on hold, and any more delay means government’s failure. The people of Afghanistan no longer can tolerate unruliness and violation of laws in the country. If the government really represents Afghan people, it should launch the e-Tazkira distribution process as soon as possible, and take a major step towards transparency. 


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