TAPI key step towards regional cooperation, integrity

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Construction work on Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline officially kicked off in Afghanistan after it was completed in Turkmenistan.  As a major regional economic project, TAPI is a glad tidings for future of region. Such megaprojects in this region, whose potential has not yet been properly employed due to ongoing violence, usher in a new era of hope and optimism. TAPI entering into its implementation phase showed that regional cooperation projects, though may initially appear unfeasible, are implementable on the condition that the parties involved demonstrate political will and honesty.


The execution of monumental projects involving many countries has a significant impact on security, level of violence and ties between countries in the region besides economy, and also leads to convergence of interests, something which can build a unified stance on putting an end to the ongoing violence in the region. When their interests are intertwined, countries involved in megaprojects may stop interfering in each other’s internal affairs, because it can then threaten their interests. 

Major economic projects such as TAPI are good examples of regional cooperation. When countries politically considered hostile can share economic interests, it is also possible for them to share political interests. If regional countries begin to work together and pursue shared goals in political and security sectors instead of working against each other, they can find many areas of mutual interest they can agree on, a move that culminates in regional stability. 

Continued violence has deprived many regional nations, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, of properly using their resources. If the employment of these resources is facilitated through cooperation, the region can accomplish prosperity and welfare, and the chance of violence is far lower in developed societies than in impoverished ones. Big economic projects create jobs for masses, thereby leaving no room for vicious circles to recruit people. They can also play a key role in building trust between nations. The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline is a significant step towards realization of regional cooperation, which should be fully supported by all sides, as the Taliban did by pledging their cooperation with the project.


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