The fear of major setback

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 03:42 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 279 times

In the midst of extreme skepticism of government’s desire to hold election, a new development suggests election may never happen. It is said that Americans together with Afghan government are trying to establish a “Leadership Council” authorized to extend the term of the National Unity Government (NUG). Reliable sources have told the media that key US representatives have met with, and requested some jihadi and political leaders to agree to the proposition and become members of the council. The so-called “Leadership Council” composed of some jihadi and political leaders will back the National Unity Government till the end of its current term, and then extend it for another five years without any election.


The execution of the proposition is an irreparable setback for Afghanistan, as Afghans have recently experienced the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power after making a lot of sacrifices. That practice is the only hope Afghan people harbor for a bright future, and handover of power to whomever deserving it. Despite all the problems, election is the only way that gives citizens a chance to elect their favorite leaders. Though Afghan people might not have yet been able to pick their preferred leaders due to some problems, the issue can be gradually overcome. One day Afghanistan will have a transparent election, and power will be handed over to someone who really deserves it. 


Whoever propose or throw their weight behind any illegal alternatives to election under whatever pretext are betraying the downtrodden Afghan nation. The proponents of such proposals are not the servants of people, but the guardians of their own interests whom the history will judge as per their deeds. 

Afghan laws have been ridiculed enough during the previous and current administrations, thus the people of Afghanistan will no longer allow individuals, who are willing to “burn the whole nation” for their interests, to do so. People want a timely, transparent and inclusive election by hook or by crook. If the government is unable to further and manage such an imperative, national process, how citizens should buy into its boastful claims of achievements. Before government leaders face the wrath of the nation, it will be better for them to control their thirst for staying in power, and facilitate the peaceful and democratic handover of power to another administration. 


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