How to stop Pakistan from supporting terrorists?

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Afghan government’s reaction to deadly terrorist attacks in Kabul was repetitious. In his televised address to the nation following Friday prayer, President Ghani called Pakistan a “center of the Taliban”. 


It is an undeniable fact that Pakistan is the center, and breeding and training ground of terrorists fighting in Afghanistan, and no one is in its denial, except Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).  Even Pakistanis, who are aware of the consequences of using terrorists as a foreign policy tool, blast their spy agency for its support to terror groups. 

As the president of Afghanistan who also is the commander-in-chief of all Afghan armed forces and responsible for the protection of the lives and properties of citizens, he cannot justify his own and government’s failures by saying that the militants have foreign support. Devastated by a string of bloody onslaughts in Kabul, Afghan people expected the president to talk about concrete steps he would take in the aftermath of the bombings. While Afghans hoped he would promise certain reforms in the security apparatuses in addition to admitting their failures, he underlined the need for reforms without elaborating what steps have been taken so far, what the results are, and when the people will feel secure in major cities.

The president still points the finger only at Pakistan, and fights shy of slamming the West, particularly the United States, for not bringing enough pressure on ISI as the root cause of Afghan problem. Now even Americans acknowledge that suspension of aid alone cannot dissuade Pakistan from harboring and aiding terrorists, so how Afghans should be optimistic about Washington’s pressures on Islamabad because they are not yet concentrated on where they should be. To fundamentally settle the issue, there is a need for “serious pressure” on terrorist supporters in Pakistan’s military and intelligence circles. It is a relatively easy option for the West because the majority of masterminds and backers of the idea of using terrorists as proxy forces in Pakistan’s military and intelligence circles do business with most NATO member states, including the US. They have businesses, properties and other assets across the globe, from Washington to London, Europe and many Asian nations on which the US has a direct influence. Washington should act to freeze them. This is the easiest and cheapest way to stop Pakistan from supporting terrorists, only when there is honesty in the fight against terrorism.   


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