A failure that keeps repeating

Monday, 22 January 2018 06:11 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 268 times

The National Unity Government no longer can hide the weakness of the country’s security apparatus through the campaign to portray the enemies of Afghan people as merciless. The barbarity of the enemies of Afghanistan is beyond question, and it is also irrational to expect them to show mercy. The security apparatus is as negligent and incompetent as the enemies are cruel. The inattention of security institutions has allowed the enemy to repeatedly target even places which are mostly considered secure. The failure of Afghan forces to frustrate or at least timely control the terror attack on InterContinental Hotel in capital Kabul is on no account justifiable. 


Afghan forces reportedly had prior intelligence of such an attack in Kabul. Despite prior intelligence reports, the occurrence of such a tragedy demonstrates nothing, but the utter negligence of Afghan security institutions. Additionally, the US Embassy in Kabul had also issued a warning of a possible attack on hotels in Kabul. It is right that the security of InterContinental Hotel had recently been handed over to a private security company, yet it is the responsibility of all security institutions to prevent a possible tragedy when there is credible intelligence about it.

These high profile attacks raise the question that how attackers can infiltrate into well-protected areas along with loads of weapons and ammunition they can use to fight for over 15 hours. The governments and security institutions have not yet provided answers to the question though such incidents have repeatedly occurred over the last 15 years. The governments have always promised thorough investigation into the incidents, but they have never shared the findings with the public. The people of Afghanistan are yet to witness the public trial and punishment of individuals who either aid the killers of their relatives, or their negligence has led to the loss of innocent lives. 

The terrorist attack on InterContinental Hotel is the result of an obvious neglect of Afghan security apparatus. As expected, the government will once again order an investigation into the incident, and the unanswered question will continue to be a hot topic on the media in case a similar incident or a bigger tragedy occurs in the future. This cannot heal the wounds of families who have lost their loved ones due to the treacherous individuals assisting the enemies of Afghan people and grave dereliction of duty by officials. This pattern and the issue of “being stung repeatedly from the same hole” is no longer tolerable and justifiable. 



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