Afghan conflict: The mismatch between US-Pakistan’s words and actions

Sunday, 21 January 2018 03:49 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 244 times

The United States and Pakistan are two key sides in Afghan conflict -- the former being as the largest provider of military and civilian aid to Afghan government, and the latter, especially its spy agency (the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), being as the main supporter of Taliban. Despite the apparent divergence of goals, both countries have remained close allies in the war on terrorism over the last decade and a half, something which leaves no room for doubt about the utter unison of stance and attitude of both states toward Afghanistan. If Pakistan has tried to topple Afghan government by backing the Taliban as its proxy forces, the United States has also caused equal damage to Afghanistan by turning a blind eye to Pakistan’s terror-supporting activities.


At least over the last 15 years, the only difference of opinion between the United States and Pakistan was that the first did not want Afghanistan to achieve self-reliance and complete stability solely to create a pretext to maintain military presence, while the second intended to oust Afghan government by grabbing that unique opportunity. These two culprits have so far added fuel to the fire in Afghanistan, which has effectively led to a stalemate where neither Afghan government is toppled nor the Taliban are eliminated. 

The United States and Pakistan traded barbs at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) special meeting on Afghanistan, where both sides tried to portray themselves as if they were in favor of stability in Afghanistan, while in fact it is their duplicitous policies and actions that have culminated in the protraction of Afghan war. 

If Islamabad gives up its support for anti-Afghan government elements and Washington prioritizes political solution over the use of force, the Afghan conflict may end. Although both countries consider peace talks as the only workable solution, none of them have so far translated their words into actions. Neither Pakistan desists from using terrorism as foreign policy tool nor does the United States support Afghan government as much as it can overpower the Pakistan-backed militants, thereby effectuating a gridlocked violence that has shed so much Afghan blood for which the two countries are to blame more than anyone else. As long as there is a US-Pakistan bonhomie, and the two continue to pursue hidden agendas behind their public narratives, Afghanistan will never reach lasting stability. 







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