What is the main issue in e-Tazkira distribution?

Monday, 08 January 2018 05:10 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 184 times

The distribution of electronic identification card (ID), also known as e-Tazkira, has not kicked off, even with the removal of all legal barriers to the process. A joint committee of Wolesi Jirga and Mashrano Jirga verified the presidential legislative decree introducing an amendment to the controversial Population Registration Act, which was about the content of electronic identification cards. With the elimination of that stumbling block, the distribution process should have immediately begun. But some members of Wolesi Jirga oppose the decision, and are creating hurdles for this extremely important national project. The government, which has been grappling with numerus other problems, has put the distribution process on hold using the new dispute as a pretext.


The government’s indecisiveness is responsible for the new row as much as the circles that have paved the way for the postponement of e-Tazkira distribution process either because of their opposition with the terms, Afghan and Islam, on the ID cards, or any other pretext. The government should have started the process immediately after the joint committee announced its decision, something which would have left no room for the opportunists to complain, and the national project would have already kicked off.   The longer the government delays the process, the more the issues will arise. 

While public support is important for major national projects, but it doesn’t mean that projects benefiting the absolute majority of Afghan people should be halted for the sake of a handful of people. It is impossible to seek the opinion of every citizen of Afghanistan about national projects. If the government takes into account the individual opinions of about 30 million people for everything it does, it will never be able to serve, and do major things for the good of the people. Thus, the issue of majority and minority is the deciding factor in democratic societies, meaning that decisions are always made based on the will of the majority. The legal obstacle to the distribution of computerized IDs has been legally removed, so any further delay in the process is a big injustice to the Afghan nation plagued by corruption and violation of laws.

The information or content related to identity is not the main problem impeding the start of e-Tazkira distribution process; the real issue is that the distribution of computerized identification cards, which contributes to transparency, threatens the interests of people who have garnered a lot of strength and wealth in lawlessness and unruliness, and under no circumstances are willing to tolerate transparency and accountability. The government should learn from the past, and initiate the e-Tazkira distribution as soon as possible.


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