Use of public property for personal purposes

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 03:49 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 215 times

The misuse of government resources has been a major challenge, as well as a textbook example of corruption. Public resources are still employed by various forms for personal and partisan purposes, and most officials view them as their personal property, and therefore utilize them as they wish, a problem which is more prevalent  in the security apparatus than other government institutions. Not only many vehicles belonging to the security apparatus are still at the disposal of people who have no link with the security sector, but even Afghan soldiers are working for some government officials and strongmen. 


The gravity and expansion of the issue prompted Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak to complain about it. Briefing Wolesi Jirga on Monday, Barmak revealed that 400 policemen and 700 vehicles belonging only to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) were currently at the service of strongmen and government officials, including some lawmakers, who have nothing to do with the MoI.

The misemployment of public resources has become a common practice. In addition to government vehicles and resources being used by officials during duty for personal purposes, the dismissed government officials and strongmen mostly keep government vehicles and other resources because the government cannot reclaim them because of its weak response.  

The abuse and utilization of public resources for personal purposes is a crime based on the country’s applicable laws, and the violators have not been dealt with as criminals despite being known to the government. The majority of these individuals are yet to be punished, and the Minister of Interior is also complaining about it than curbing it. The responsibility of the government, particularly of the Ministry of Interior whose number one duty is to protect public and private properties, is not to complain, but listen to, and address, complaints. If the Ministry of Interior, with all the power it has, cannot retrieve its vehicles from the strongmen in major cities, how it should claim it can protect the lives and properties of Afghan citizens from terrorists and enemies of the country in rural areas.


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