E-Tazkira distribution, a key step towards transparency

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 03:59 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 345 times

The last barrier to the distribution of electronic identification cards or e-Tazkira is finally removed with the approval of presidential legislative decree seeking an amendment to the Population Registration Act, by the joint commission of Wolesi Jirga and Mashrano Jirga.  The legislative decree issued by President Ghani to include the terms, Afghan for nationality and Islam for religion, besides other information in the e-Tazkira was confirmed on Monday by the joint commission of both houses as required by the Afghan Constitution after it was rejected by Wolesi Jirga, but passed by Mashrano Jirga. 


   The distribution process of computerized ID cards, which can prove effective in preventing most of the country’s existing problems like corruption and crimes, has long been delayed by the government, and is viewed as one of the long overdue national projects. Both the former and current administration had postponed the e-Tazkira distribution process under various pretexts. The last hindrance to the start of the process was Wolesi Jirga’s opposition to the amendment of the Population Registration Act, which is now resolved by the joint parliamentary committee. Now, there is no any other pretext left to justify any further delay in the process, and the time has come for it to start to allow Afghanistan to take a key step towards rule of law and transparency. 

The electronic ID card distribution process will undoubtedly face with challenges because it can jeopardize the interests of the most powerful class of the Afghan society – the corrupt and lawbreakers. In addition to some individuals who have accumulated a great amount of wealth through the criminal economy, foreign interference can also derail the process because it will pave the way for the rule of law in the country, a step which will pose a challenge to the activities of foreign intelligence circles. 


The government should prioritize the distribution of e-Tazkira given its importance in the area of rule of law, transparency, and accountability. The people should also lend a helping hand to the government in persuading communities to obtain the e-Tazkira with terms, Afghan and Islam, inscribed on it. The computerized identification cards are a key step towards ensuring transparency and rule of law, as well as eliminating corruption and crimes in the country, which should not be delayed anymore. 


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