The similar stance of Hekmatyar, Pakistan on Afghan conflict

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Peace is a top priority for Afghans at the present time. When militants join the peace process no matter who they are and whom they have affiliation with, it is an achievement and must be welcome; however, their assimilation into the mainstream politics should not prove more detrimental to people than them being on the battlefields. From the very beginning, the joining of Hekmatyar-led Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) group with the peace process was not expected to lead to de-escalation of war in the country. All people knew that most of the senior members of the party were part of the government, and its armed members were fighting the government under the Taliban, which also did not seem possible for them to part ways with the Taliban in case of HIA’s reconciliation with the government.  Afghans were happy with the joining of the insurgent group, or in other words of its leader, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, with the government only because it would send a green signal to the main insurgent force, the Taliban, to follow suit. 



As his party members say, Hekmatyar, since returning to the country, has adopted a position in many instances that creates doubts about his intentions and provokes a public outcry. In a recent interview with a Pakistani media outlet, Hekmatyar has said that it was Pakistan who has suffered the most from Afghan war. As an Afghan who considers himself well apprised of the political situation, Hekmatyar’s stance is of great surprise, and deeply saddening. 


No Afghan, who puts the country’s national interests above all else, will accept that Pakistan has suffered the most in the war on terrorism. This is the very posture held and promoted by the Pakistani army. Pakistani officials say in exactly the same words that Afghan conflict has wrecked more havoc on Pakistanis than on any other nation, thereby trying to hide the destructive role they have been playing in Afghanistan for decades. It never really seems logical to state that Pakistan, as a major factor in the Afghan tragedy, has suffered from the conflict more than Afghanistan, which is in fact its prime victim. 


Even now, Hekmatyar most often takes a stance as if he is still domiciled in a Pakistani refugee camp than in Kabul. He needs to realize the developments, which have unfolded in the country, region and the world, and accept them as today’s reality, and eschew inflammatory and provocative remarks. 


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