Nations’ responsibility towards Trump’s decision on al-Quds

Sunday, 10 December 2017 03:29 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 220 times

The United States of America has acted virtually in all instances against the tenets and values it claims to have been promoting in the world because of being indispensable to human prosperity. Human rights, democracy, global stability and the war on terror are the slogans the United States has been using to cover its colonialist perception and attitude. In reality, the only thing the US believes in and works for is American interests which the US policymakers will do whatever possible to protect even if the entire world, except American people, is eliminated. For them, neither the human prosperity nor human rights are important; and for them global stability is just peace in America. 


While the United States is trying to camouflage its xenophobic and hostile nature by various means and forms, sometimes that gets to a point where playing with public perception no longer works. One such instance is Donald Trump’s decision on the status of Jerusalem. As per his election campaign promise, Trump recognized Jerusalem, the first Qibla of Muslims occupied by Zionists, as the capital of Israel, and directed the US State Department to initiate the process of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city. 

  The decision showed that the United States is not committed even to the principles and values for which it labels others as death-deserving enemies for their noncompliance. Except Israel and the US, nearly all nations around the globe described Trump’s move as a flagrant violation of international laws, and the backing of an occupier. Through the decision, the US bolstered the perception that it is in war with Islam and the Muslim World. After this, it will be very hard for Muslims to buy into the slogans the United States has used for decades to deceive them. 

As recent incidents showed, Trump’s decision on Jerusalem will lead to more bloodshed and destruction in the world, and that is exactly the thing American policymakers are pursuing. They believe that other nations should be embroiled in wars and killing each other so that they don’t know the real face of the United States as the main source of problems of the 21st century, or even if they get to know that, they won’t be in a position to hold it accountable. It is the responsibility of not only Muslims but all nations, excluding the US, which view the world as their shared home to live in and respect human life, to unite and salvage the world from yet another major global tragedy. 



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