The nation caught between failed government and inept opposition

Sunday, 03 December 2017 03:29 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 240 times

Afghan people are caught “between the devil and the deep blue sea”. On the one hand, the National Unity Government (NUG) has failed virtually in all areas, but on the other hand the political opposition movements are mostly being led by people and circles, who are only in pursuit of their personal and partisan interests, and who have already been tested by the people, not so long ago. Neither the government leadership nor the opposition leaders care very much about the interests of people. Government leaders are ready to make any kind of deal to stay in power, and similarly the pressures unleashed on the government by individuals who are calling themselves the political opposition are motivated by their individual interests, which will end soon after their interests are guaranteed. 


The National Unity Government, which has already been plagued by internal differences, views every political movement as a conspiracy aimed to topple the government, and therefore, makes every effort to derail it. The increased government suspicion of, and reaction to, some unimportant political activities rather gives more importance to them than strengthens government position. For instance, the government’s reaction to the Kandahar meeting resulted in exactly the same thing. All the people of Afghanistan know that the people gathered in Kandahar were not concerned about people’s interests, and even they did not have a clear agenda; however, the unnecessarily strong government reaction to the gathering magnified the small meeting through the media, and allowed it to be used as a weapon of pressure against the government. 

All Afghans know that the individuals gathered in Kandahar are after protecting their personal interests, and people will never trust them. The government should try to regain the trust of people by resolving the country’s major problems than getting bogged down in minor issues. For governments to survive, the support of people is must, and it can only be garnered through practical actions, not deception. Even if public trust is gained through propaganda, the people will back their real servants once everything becomes clear to them. 

In the current delicate situation, the responsibility of the government is to enforce the law on all regardless of any political reservations, thereby protecting itself against the negative judgment of the history. 


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