Muhaqiq’s remarks: Identifying targets for Daesh in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 03:24 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 228 times

The statements recently made by Mohammad Mohaqiq, the second deputy of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Afghanistan, about Afghans fighting in Syria, as well as the Fatimyoun Brigade largely formed of Iran-backed Afghan Shia militia, at a gathering in Tehran have provoked strong reactions back in Afghanistan. 


Muhaqiq praised the Fatimyoun fighters for winning the war of Islam against infidelity and global arrogance. Formed, funded, trained and equipped by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the brigade is one of the main forces fighting for the Asad-led government in Syria. 

Members of Afghan National Assembly have described the statements as against the country’s best interests, while Muhaqiq has defended his stance in an interview, saying that he would not retract what he has said. 

Muhaqiq’s statements come as the Islamic State or Daesh terrorists are trying to move to Afghanistan after suffering defeats in Syria and Iraq, and open a new front here. 

Afghan people have been paying the price of foreign proxy wars for decades because of the wrong policies of some political leaders. These wars, which serve foreign interests but inflict suffering on Afghans, claim the lives of numerous Afghans on daily basis. Given the status quo, steering the country out of the ongoing conflict should be a priority for Afghans, not paving the way for the emergence of more terrorists groups by making irresponsible remarks. 

Afghans have been complaining about their sons being forcefully deployed in Syria to fight for the regime. Civil society organizations have called on the government and international organizations times and again to prevent Iran from sending Afghan youth to Syria. The Syrian war has nothing to do with Afghan interests, but Iran is involving Afghans in that war by exploiting their compulsion. Instead of blasting the exploitation of his countrymen by the Iranian regime, Muhaqiq expressly lauds the move against all international principles. It shows that he might have also assisted Iran in sending Afghans to Syria. 

By making such remarks, Muhaqiq is intentionally identifying targets for Daesh in Afghanistan, because they give the terrorist group a justification to open a new front of proxy war in the country. Muhaqiq’s remarks are dangerous because he is a senior government official, and at the same time a leader who has a lot of men holding senior government slots, which can create a lot of questions about their relationship with Iran. 

All Afghan politicians, including Muhaqiq, should realize the delicate situation of the country, and strictly eschew making statements which add fuel to the fire. In addition to the government, the people represented by such individuals should no longer stay silent, and hold these individuals accountable for their sons’ blood spelt in Syria. 


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