The best way to eliminate violence against women

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The 25th of November is marked globally as the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women. This day is also celebrated in Afghanistan through official ceremonies in recent years. While there are some improvements in the life conditions of women and girls in Afghan society, they are insignificant, and limited to only urban areas. Many Afghan women are still suffering from domestic violence, and Afghanistan remains to be at the top of the worst countries for women in terms of life conditions. 


Although there are a lot of factors behind the violence against women in Afghan society which needs a lengthy discussion, one of them is the high illiteracy rate in both men and women, which has kept the male members of families unaware of the rights of their female family members. Moreover, the illiteracy rate among women is very high that the majority of them even don’t know anything about women’s rights. 

The first step to protect Afghan women from violence should focus on providing women and men, especially women, with opportunities to acquire education, through which the women not only become aware of their rights, but also know their responsibilities, thereby bringing discipline to families. The level of violence is very low in disciplined and educated families.  

Economic constraints are another factor for violence against women which cannot be ignored, but still providing educational opportunities for women is the most logical way to tackle them. When women accomplish economic independence and self-sufficiency through education, they can significantly decrease the level of violence they are faced with. 

Even though hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into Afghanistan to help Afghan women, they have not had any noticeable impact on the lives of women. Like other international aid, these funds were also embezzled. The efforts aimed at eliminating violence against women, and improving the life conditions of Afghan women should not be limited to projects only; some foundational work should be done to protect the rights of women not only in urban centers but also in rural areas. 




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