The real face of US counternarcotics efforts

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 03:25 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 236 times

It is hard at least for Afghans to place their faith in the honesty of the United States in the fight against terrorism and narcotics. Given the US actions, Afghan people who have been paying an unbearable price for the imposed bloody war for the last decade and a half will not rest assured that the superpower has really come to Afghanistan to fight these two phenomena.  If that was the objective, they should have been alleviated; however, the reality is otherwise, and Afghan people witness things have completely reversed in both areas, especially in counter narcotics on which the United States has spent nine billion dollars, but the opium cultivation and production is still on an upward trajectory, with more communities resorting to grow the crop. 


Today, it is not only Afghan people who are suspicious of the US intentions in the battle against narcotics. Some regional powers and even some American analysts believe the US is not honest in the struggle. 

The US, which also sometimes comes under fire for the issue, takes some steps just to change the public perception. After the back-to-back release of some reports on narcotics in recent days, American troops destroyed a number of opium processing factories in southern Helmand province. The targeted airstrikes were launched a few days after the western media said exports of processed opium from Afghanistan have increased. The processing of opium within Afghanistan can reduce the level of profit funneled to foreign circles. Taking into account its timing and nature, if the recent US action against narcotics shows its seriousness on the one hand, it on the other hand gives birth to the possibility that it may be an attempt to prevent the processing than the cultivation and production of opium. If that comes true, it is viewed as if the US intends to influence public perception. 

The destruction of labs can only curb the processing of opium in Afghanistan, not its production, which is the main problem to concentrate on.  Afghans and the world should no longer be duped by guileful moves.


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