Propaganda on to ignite sectarian war

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 03:23 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 1033 times

The wars ongoing in Afghanistan for the last half a century have not been fought to protect the country’s best interests. No matter whosoever the winners of these wars are, Afghans are always the losers because they neither helped Afghanistan achieve real independence, nor protected Afghan people from the evil of other potential invaders. But on the contrary, this valiant nation who has turned the country into a graveyard for empires was suppressed to an extent that it now turns to anyone just to survive. Afghan people fought against the Soviet Union, and made millions of sacrifices for their cause to free their country, but it only benefited a superpower that has thousands of foreign troops fighting under its leadership in Afghanistan, who do whatever they want, and the “brave leaders” don’t have the nerve to even ask them for explanation. 


Afghanistan has been the battlefield of proxy wars of global and regional powers for several decades. Through the Afghan Mujahedeen, the United States defeated and disintegrated its most strong rival, the Soviet Union, here in Afghanistan. Pakistan tried to open a front against its father – India, and Iran also began a war of words with the United States here. Afghanistan has been being stung from the same hole for decades. 

Afghanistan never witnessed sectarian violence despite its long history of wars, and even the clashes dubbed by the west as sectarian for their own strategic goals during the civil war were not ignited on the basis of religion or sect, but personal interests and rivalries. 

The United States, whose activities have led regional consensus to fall apart, is campaigning this time to ignite a sectarian war in the war-battered country. American media has recently focused to portray Afghanistan as the next battlefield of sectarian war following increased military pressures on Daesh in Iraq and Syria. The increased focus by the media on the issue shows that a sectarian war will be waged in Afghanistan besides other proxy wars as planned by the US. These very media outlets will then describe it as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which will on no account be in Afghan interests.  This all comes as thousands of American troops are here in Afghanistan in the name of war on terror. 

Afghan people the war has deprived of a prosperous life should realize the nature of the poisonous campaign peddled by the west, and not allow their country to turn into a battlefield for the most dangerous form of wars. 


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