Britain shouldn’t rub salt into the wounds of Afghans

Sunday, 05 November 2017 02:13 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 224 times

Durand is a boundary of division drawn in the Pashtun territory, and the heart of Afghan people. Durand Line not only has separated one of the world’s largest ethnic groups, and people of same culture, but has also divided families. During the drawing of the line, there were even families divided in a way that one brother lived in one side and another lived on the other side of the Durand Line. The communities living on both sides along the Durand Line have very close relationship with each other that not only barbed wire, but also walls such as the Berlin wall cannot divide them. The people, who have turned their country into a graveyard for global empires, will one day destroy the Durand Line lying at their heart.


While the 100-year validity term of the British colonial era’s Durand Line agreement has already expired in 1993, the Afghan nation plagued by countless problems is not yet in a position to reclaim their territory still ruled by a country established based on schemes of colonial powers. The present generation of British occupiers who consider themselves civilized and advocates of justice delivery not only have not corrected the black history of colonialist ancestors by returning the annexed territory to Afghan people as its owners, but also continue to rub salt into their wounds. 

In his interview with BBC, British Ambassador to Kabul has said Durand is the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nicholas Kay KCMG has also stressed Pakistan had the right and authority to erect barbed wire on Durand Line. 

Nicholas’s statements are indicative of the Britain’s colonialist vision. They are also a proof that the country still upholds its unlawful actions instead of expressing regret for the division of a nation by their colonialist ancestors. 

The irresponsible remarks made by foreign ambassadors about sensitive and key national issues such as the territorial integrity of Afghanistan are not tolerable.  Leaders of the National Unity Government who have already been accused of being indifferent about such issues should no longer deceive their people under the pretext of strategic silence. The government should summon the UK ambassador, and urge him not to make such irresponsible statements about the country’s sensitive matters in the future. 


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