High ANDSF toll; the need for serious peace talks

Monday, 30 October 2017 03:23 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 253 times

With the escalation of war, casualties among Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have hit record high. There are reports on daily basis that tens of Afghan forces have either been killed or wounded. Moreover, the enlistment rate is also said to have hit rock bottom, about which the chief of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) had shown grave concern in a secret session of Wolesi Jirga. Masoom Stanikzai had warned that Afghanistan might face with extremely serious challenges and major incidents in the following six months if Afghan forces continued to suffer the same level of casualties. 


While a lot of discussions have been held about the factors of ANDSF casualty, peace talks are the most logical and easiest way to tackle the issue because it is impossible to completely prevent it when the war continues, especially in the current form where they bear the brunt of the war, and are also victims of attacks carried out by their allied forces besides the enemies. The high ANDSF death toll threatens the sustainability of the regime. 

These are the very forces that that have made and continue to make a lot of sacrifices protecting the regime, and preventing the country from going back to the past. However, government leaders also often disrespect the sacrifices under the ploy of preserving their own dignity or the moral of Afghan forces. For instance, just to dodge criticism, they hide the actual number of the wounded and martyrs of Afghan forces, or lay the blame of civilian deaths caused by foreign troops on them. The higher the ANDSF casualties, the stronger the need for peace negotiations becomes. But government leaders turn to use empty slogans than realize this necessity, thereby allowing the tragedy to continue. 

Although peace efforts are made from time to time, they mostly get slowed down, and finally stalled because of some incidents of violence. The peace efforts are aimed to prevent these incidents, so they should not be halted. Peacefully resolving a complex conflict such as that ongoing in Afghanistan is not easy, but not impossible. If all sides involved in the conflict honestly prioritize political dialogue, the war will end.  


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