Afghan dignity under Tillerson’s feet

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 03:21 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 1126 times

Leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) are breaching diplomatic protocols in the most appalling and surprising ways in their relations with the United States. They are acting in a way that not only offends their own dignity, but holds the sovereignty and independence of the nation in contempt for the sake of this superpower.


One recent instance was the meeting of government leaders with US Secretary of State in Bagram Airfield. Instead of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson going to the Presidential Palace or Spidar Palace for meeting with President Ghani or CEO Abdullah as per diplomatic norms, both had gone to the heavily guarded American military base to meet the US official. The more surprising thing about the visit is that the photographs released by the Presidential Palace and US Embassy in Kabul had discrepancies. To package a positive narrative, the Presidential Palace had erased the digital clock and the fire alarm used in military bases from the photographs. 

The incident shows how the government rectifies its mistakes, which is mostly resolving problems in a way whose result is a “painful excuse”. Moreover, one can easily determine how far the government leaders can go to please the US and deceive their people.  

Since taking up office, they have not behaved as leaders of the Afghan government, and intentionally do things which allow people to call them representatives of the United States, than theirs. While it is right that the US might have assisted the president and the chief executive officer in acceding to power, they are on no account authorized to insult and discredit the Presidential Palace as the symbol of the pride of the nation for the sake of US Secretary of State. What President Ghani did had not taken place even in the early years after the collapse of the Taliban, when the US had full control of Afghan affairs, and Afghanistan did not have a government-like dispensation.

Ghani and Abdullah think the US has stayed in Afghanistan because of their supplication, whereas the reality is in total contradiction with it. Neither the Afghan diplomacy nor the adulation of government leaders has persuaded the US to have a presence in the country; Americans are here to protect their interests and reach their goals, and will stay for as long as their presence serves their interests. If the US sees that its withdrawal from Afghanistan is in its interest, the president and his chief executive officer cannot stop it from leaving the country even if they go to the White House, let alone the Bagram Airfield, to cajole Americans into staying in Afghanistan. 


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