American game; recent spate of violence

Sunday, 22 October 2017 03:28 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 281 times

The United States knows and acknowledges that it is impossible to put an end to the Afghan war through the military option, yet it gives priority to the same solution. Americans intentionally ignore the political settlement of the war in all their strategies about Afghanistan, and create a climate through the protraction of war to require their military presence. 


Before its signing, the US had described the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) as the only option to protect Afghanistan and Afghans against the enemies; however, we see nothing but destruction and killing three years after it was unconditionally signed by the National Unity Government. 

The US used the same technique After Trump took over as US president. By delaying the announcement of the new US policy on Afghanistan, the US portrayed that it might withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan to frighten Afghan government and people. If that was to happen, the government was mostly likely to collapse. Thus, the Afghan government was silent during the development phase of the new US strategy as if the strategy was for another country. The political solution, which should have been the major part of the new strategy after 16 years of killings and war, was tied to progress and success of Afghan government and American on the battlefields against the insurgents, meaning that peace was linked to progress in war. 


If the United States could really nudge the Taliban to the negotiating table through the use of force, it could have done it in 2009, when the number of American troops in Afghanistan was 15 times higher than now. Also, both the Taliban activities and the concerns of regional countries about American presence in Afghanistan were not as intense as now. Despite the clear failure of the military option, the persistence of the United States on war sends only one message to Afghanistan, the continuity of the conflict. 

While some people welcome the Trump strategy in the hope that the seriousness of US would extricate Afghanistan from the scourge of terrorism, but Afghans are grappling with an unprecedentedly barbaric and bloody wave of violence post Trump’s announcement of his new policy. 

On the one hand, the rebels carried out extremely complex attacks, but on the other hand US airstrikes have reached an all-time high. Afghan people are the primary victims of this escalation, and this imposed war claims the lives of tens of their relatives on daily basis. The continuation of the current spate of killings descends not only the present, but also future generations of the country into destruction, so it should be stopped through whatever means possible. 


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