Allegations of corruption in “nation’s home”

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 03:50 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 313 times

The reputation of Wolesi Jirga (or lower house of parliament) among the nation has been tarnished to an extent that requires a lot of work and time to restore. While the lower house is called “the nation’s home”, it has turned into a personal deal-making entity of lawmakers instead of a body responsible to tackle woes of the embattled nation. Contrary to their mandate to oversee the government’s performance, the lawmakers have been accused of being involved in major corruption cases. When overseers are accused of graft, their oversight of the executive power’s performance also proves useless.


There have long been reports on allegations of corruption against Wolesi Jirga’s Administrative Board. These days, the issue has kept the lawmakers very busy that even they have forgotten about other important matters, but still cannot ascertain the fate of the scandal.  The speaker and secretary of Wolesi Jirga have reportedly been involved in a lot of illegal appointments besides embezzlement of funds. Four committees were tasked to investigate the case; however, there are now reports that Wolesi Jirga Speaker Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi is trying to involve the Committee on Complaints and Petitions in the probe in addition to the other commissions. As per principles, the inclusion of this commission in the probe is a separate topic of discussion,   but the speaker’s insistence denotes there is a hidden agenda behind it. The speaker and his first deputy traded barbs over the issue in Wolesi Jirga’s plenary session on Monday, drawing a strong reaction from other lawmakers. 

If Wolesi Jirga, which has heavy responsibilities as set forth in the Constitution, cannot properly enquire into allegations of corruption leveled against its members, how the people will call it their home, where its speaker prevents probe into his corruption case, or other lawmakers accuse each other of corruption solely on personal grounds.

Before becoming further detested among the people, Wolesi Jirga should resolve these issues. Afghan people have been paying a heavy price due to the disagreements between leaders of the National Unity Government, so they should not be further exasperated because of yet another tension within the House of People. If the lawmakers cannot alleviate the woes of people, they should at least not exacerbate them.


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