Gov’t after gratification of donors than its people

Monday, 09 October 2017 03:12 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 349 times

Since its inception, the National Unity Government (NUG) has focused all its efforts to accomplish the consent of foreigners, especially its western backers. From signing the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the US at the very first few days after takeover of power to staying silent on incidents of civilian killings, and blindly accepting Trump’s new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, all actions of the government are concentrated on how to garner the support of western countries. While Afghanistan as a country plagued by enormous challenges needs international support, it is utterly unfair to ignore the people just for its sake.


While the level of people’s dissatisfaction with government’s performance is at all-time high, the government seems content to have obtained the satisfaction of the donor community. Following the third Senior Official Meeting (SOM) in Kabul, the government proudly said donor states and organizations were satisfied with its performance. Nonetheless, there are questions about this satisfaction. While increased insecurity in the country has made it difficult to monitor development projects bankrolled by international donors, they take into account and accept only the statistics provided to them by the government, but never really attempt to fact-check them.

If the National Unity Government had really been successful as much as government officials claim, the people would have never been that dissatisfied with it, and if it had achievements in terms of security, why would the Taliban hold sway over about half of Afghanistan’s territory? While those involved in the corruption case of “Smart City Township” project are still holding senior government positions, how will the people buy into the government’s anti-corruption claims? When inexperienced and incapable individuals get appointed to senior government positions, how can such appointments make the people hopeful about the country’s future, and finally how can the government which has failed to complete its cabinet in more than half of its 5-year term brag about its achievements?

The National Unity Government should prefer the approval of its citizens to that of its donor states and organizations. The government may face with problems if international aid is discontinued, yet it cannot sustain without the support of its people. Government leaders should also give undivided attention to secure the satisfaction of its citizens besides the donors’. If the government feels accountable to the donors, the people, as the main owners of this soil, also reserve the right to hold the government accountable for what it is doing.



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