Jihadi leaders “heroes” imposed on nation

Monday, 11 September 2017 02:48 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 229 times

There is no doubt in the sanctity of Jihad and Mujahid in the holy religion of Islam. Every Muslim respects real mujahedeen because Islam is flourishing and some nations enjoy their key human right, “freedom” because of them; however, it is mostly otherwise in Afghanistan. While it is right that thousands of Afghans sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country, people, who consider themselves as heirs of Jihad and have therefore suffocated the poor Afghan nation, on no account represent real mujahedeen. In addition to illegal concessions they have been receiving in the name of Jihad over the past decade and a half, they view themselves as honorable. 


Addressing a gathering organized to commemorate the “Martyrs Week” in Kabul on Saturday, former mujahedeen commander, Professor Rasoul Sayyaf, said “mujahedeen were superior to ordinary Muslims, and those who disagreed were infidels”. 

Citing verses of Holy Quran, Sayyaf stressed mujahedeen were closer to God, and that ordinary people and mujahedeen were not equal in terms of piety and status in Islam. After the study of the history of Afghanistan, even the use of the term, Mujahid, for most of Jihad leaders becomes difficult, let alone to respect them as much as Sayyaf asked. Afghan modern history is beset with the deals of these mujahedeen with the notorious intelligence agencies of colonialist powers. The provision of boxes full of dollars to these Jihad leaders by spy agencies, including the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is a chapter of the country’s very recent history on which a lot of books have been written, and even some witnesses of such incidents are still alive. Because of the ambition and thirst for power of these figures, thousands of innocent people lost their lives only in capital Kabul. They are still the major source of ongoing miseries in the country. In addition to paving the way for foreign interference, these predators lead and run domestic mafia networks. 

In lieu of apologizing to the nation for their role in the destruction of the country, the Jihadi leaders are impudently forcing the people to respect them. They should not forget that the history has already record their past atrocities, and any moment there is a chance to ensure justice in the country, the majority of them will be rather put on trial to account for what they have done. 


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