Failed experience of forcing Taliban to enter peace talks

Monday, 28 August 2017 02:51 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 314 times

The announcement of America’s new Afghan strategy further faded away hopes to reach peace through a political dialogue because emphasis is placed on escalation of war instead of reconciliation. The United States has preferred to militarily force the Taliban to the negotiating table other than inviting them to peace talks. Military pressure and the use of force to bring the militants to join the reconciliation process is completely a failed experience. If the US could not do so when there were more than 150,000 foreign troops, how a person with sound wisdom will accept that the US will be able to achieve the goal with the help of 12,000 troops. Only the shift in troop withdrawal strategy from time-based to conditions-based cannot turn away the militants from continuing the fight they have unleashed against the Afghan government and its foreign backers for over a decade and half now. 


Speaking about the new strategy, Gen. Nicolson, the commander of NATO Resolute Support Mission (RSM) and US troops in Afghanistan, reiterated his country’s resolve to continue pressing the militants until they show willingness to enter peace process, which clearly means the war whose victims are only Afghans will continue.  

Although many American experts on Afghan affairs were stressing in their articles, interviews and meetings during the development of new US strategy that there was no military solution to the Afghan conflict, President Donald Trump’s decision was also hijacked similar to that of other US presidents by a handful of American generals who have vested interests in the war in Afghanistan, and who cannot admit their failure to resolve the conflict through the use of force.  Trump fell into the same trap laid by generals, in which his predecessors, Obama and Bush had also been caught.

Despite repeated failures of military options, the US was greatly expected to explore a new approach to reach peace and get out of what some American officials have called the “Afghan quagmire”, but it did not happen. It shows the US is not interested and willing to put an end to the conflict in Afghanistan, because it is completely illogical to try an option which has repeatedly failed. The time has come for Americans to explore new options to settle Afghan conflict, show the world that it doesn’t use Afghan soil as a launch pad against other nations, and is committed to restoring peace and stability to Afghanistan before suspicions about US intentions escalate.


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