For collective survival, Afghans must maintain unity

Sunday, 27 August 2017 02:37 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 241 times

Foreign intelligence circles have recently been making attempts to foment religious violence in a bid to prolong instability and war in Afghanistan. By fueling regions violence, these elements intend to set Afghans against each other so that they can easily accomplish their evil goals. God forbid if such thing even happens, it will help the evil circles and enemies of Afghanistan to reach their goals. 


Recently, terrorists have increased their attacks against Shia Afghans, targeting Shia mosques and worship centers. The most recent incident happened in Kabul City’s Police District #11 in which Imam Zaman mosque was stormed by suicide bombers.  The complex attack claimed by Daesh terrorists left 30 people dead, mostly worshipers, and dozens wounded. 


Most of these attacks are intended to foment religious violence among Afghan people, but the victims are largely people with no political ties. They are targeted in an attempt to instill a feeling in the people to believe that the attacks are part of an internal conspiracy, so they are prompted to think about exacting revenge on their fellow citizens instead of the actual masterminds of these terror attacks. In Afghanistan, it is primarily aimed to pave the ground for war and bloodshed under religion like in Syria and Iraq. 


However, since Afghans have no history of sectarian violence, it is not an easy job, but it is not impossible. The indifference of government and people towards the hidden agenda can help the enemies reach their goals. Taking into account the threat, the government, politicians and ordinary Afghans have to stand against the conspiracy with one voice, and deal with their common enemy with iron fist, a thing only possible through national unity which can foil foreign plots against the nation embroiled in war for decades. Afghanistan needs the unity of people more than ever. Afghans have to prove to the world that Afghanistan is not Syria and Iraq and no one can fuel a sectarian war here, though there are so many problems.  


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