Skepticism about America’s desire for fight against narcotics

Monday, 21 August 2017 02:34 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 276 times

The fight against terrorism and narcotics was and remains the main reason for American presence in Afghanistan. Since their engagement, American officials justify their presence in the country by saying they are here to prevent the country from turning into a safe haven for terrorists, and to decrease the level of threat posed by narcotics trade from Afghanistan to the world. However, the American presence in Afghanistan over the last decade and a half not only has not led to the elimination of the threat, but has also made it more serious. 


The drop in opium cultivation and trade during the Taliban regime is incomparable with now. While the Taliban managed to stop opium cultivation in the absolute majority of Afghan provinces through an order, Afghanistan became a major global opium producer despite the fact that more than eight billions of dollars were spent by the US-led western coalition on counter-narcotics.

Questions are on the rise about the behavior and intentions of Americans in the fight against narcotics in addition to their counter-terrorism efforts. Russia has once again termed America’s fight against narcotics in Afghanistan a failure. Even there are allegations that the United States is involved in narcotics trade in the country. A while ago, Global Research, the Centre for Research on Globalization, had said in a report that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was bankrolling its clandestine operations through the proceeds derived from opium trade in Afghanistan, and had a direct hand in the smuggling of heroin to global markets through Russia, China and Iran. 

Lately, Jim W. Dean, the managing editor of an American media outlet, Veterans Today, has said American troops and army retirees responsible for aviation affairs have started drug smuggling from Afghanistan. There was no heroin production in Afghanistan before the American involvement, and it skyrocketed after their presence.

The concerns about the behavior of Americans in the fight against narcotics are serious. The United States should provide clarification as to why drugs not only were not eradicated, but their cultivation and production is growing. There is a serious need for explanation about the objectives and actions of Americans in Afghanistan because the ambiguity thereof prompts regional powers such as Russia to engage in rivalry with the US, an issue which will have dangerous consequences for Afghanistan.  



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