The Banana Republic

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 02:36 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 1055 times

Unruliness is at its peak in the country. Everyone can do whatever and whenever he wishes to do through the use of force. Governance has become a mockery, and the rule of law has turned into a weapon to persecute the poor and powerless, while the rich and powerful treat the law as null and void, and can violate it whenever and however they want to. If you have power, you have both the judicial and executive power; however, if you are powerless, you cannot even dream about claiming your rights. 


For personal interests, government officials threaten the regime from within the government and using government resources. Everyone whether a provincial governor, minister or a commander acts as the president of an independent state. There is no respect for the orders of the central government, and presidential decrees are not enforced.  The current situation of the country is a complete anarchy, and Afghanistan is like a banana republic. 


In a series of threats to the government, Balkh Governor Ata Mohammad Noor has, this time, detained a provincial council member who had accused him of involvement in corruption. Asif Momand, a member of the Balkh Provincial Council, told a press conference in Kabul last week that he had sufficient evidence to prove Noor’s involvement in corruption, and because that, he has received death threats from Noor. Momand was arrested at Mazar-e-Sharif airport by gunmen loyal to the Balkh governor on Tuesday night when he wanted to go to Mazar-e-Sharif. Although Noor’s supporters had initially said the provincial council member was detained by police, the provincial police chief later said he had been held by Noor’s armed men. 


After the incident, it is hard to believe that Afghanistan has a central government. How it is possible for a provincial governor to take hostage his political rival and a person, who had alleged to have had enough evidence about Noor’s involvement in corruption, in the presence of Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF). This incident is a dark stain on the rule of the government in Afghanistan. It will be very shameful for the president, and heads of the security apparatus to give assurances to the people about security. If government leaders really know about their responsibility, they should decide the fate of individuals who are threatening the government for their individual and partisan interests from within the government and using state resources. If are unable to do so, they should bravely come forward, admit their failure, and immediately pave the way for an alternative system to take over. 


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