Lack of coordination in ANDSF unresolvable issue

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 02:37 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 260 times

The fall of districts into the hands of Taliban has become a routine during the National Unity Government (NUG). Virtually every week, there are reports of one or two districts falling to the insurgents, and even there have been some instances where two districts have collapsed the same day. When we talk about the fall of a district, we mean the district center, otherwise the districts of many provinces have been controlled by the militants for years. There is no government rule in remote areas, where everything is done at the behest of insurgents. 


Beside other reasons, the untimely supply of weapons and delayed arrival of reinforcements are the main causes of the fall of districts. In most cases, districts fall to the rebels after a long siege. The Ghormach district of northern Faryab province has reportedly fallen to the Taliban for third time for the same reason. According to local officials, Afghans forces based in the district did not receive ammunition and reinforcements on time despite repeated calls, forcing them to retreat from the district center.

There have long been complaints about a delay in the supply of weapons and ammunition to Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF) fighting on the battlefields, but no solution has yet been found. Although President Ghani claims to have brought about reforms in the Ministry of Defense (MoD), the reality contradicts his claims because Afghans forces are still losing their lives because of corruption and lack of coordination in their leadership.


In addition to problems which the Afghan government cannot tackle in the short run, Afghan forces are mostly challenged by the continuation of very minor problems that can be easily addressed, one of which is corruption and irresponsible conduct in the leadership of Afghan forces. Curbing these challenges is the responsibility of the Afghan government, and as long as it remains unaddressed, Afghan forces won’t succeed even if they have very modern weaponry. The government should take the issue very seriously, and take urgent, crucial steps to curb it, ones whose results can be witnessed by the people and soldiers on the frontline.


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