Heavy price of president’s hasty decisions

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When trying to accede to power, it is very common that politicians always make promises to resolve the key problems of people. During electioneering, their slogans are largely focused on resolution of issues plaguing the nation more than anything else. The two main problems faced by Afghan people during the 2014 presidential election were the evasive peace and economic recession. The presidential runners could easily drum up the support of people, who were weary of war and suffering from a declining economy, through using slogans of peace and economic prosperity. President Ghani who had realized the point was emphasizing on these two issues more than anyone else in his election campaign slogans. They were the very issues that helped Ghani accede to power, but the realization of those slogans was not an easy job, especially when he could not get absolute power following the controversial election, as a result of which Dr. Abdullah was given the post of chief executive officer. 


The president faced with challenges in fulfilling his campaign promises and slogans turned to some symbolic acts in the hope of staying in power or being reelected. These acts were focused particularly in economic sector. He inaugurated the first ever commercial cargo train from China to Afghanistan in the country’s Hairatan port; however, the service has been stopped since about a year. Moreover, the president imposed 10 percent telecom service tax on top cards without first rolling out an organized, transparent system, and there is rampant corruption in its collection, with a lion’s share of the money going the pockets of certain individuals. 

In order to show the economic reliance of Afghanistan on Pakistan in terms of imports lower than what it is, President Ghani opened commercial air cargo corridor between India and Afghanistan, a move hyped by supporters of the president as a major development, and described by the Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) as a failure. ACCI officials say the air freight corridor between Afghanistan and India has been launched without necessary preparedness and estimation, thereby facing trade with a lot of challenges now. It is said that the World Trade Organization (WTO) opposes subsidizing imports from India to Afghanistan. The National Unity Government (NUG) terms Afghanistan accession to WTO as an achievement, while many economic analysts believe Afghanistan was not prepared to receive WTO membership as the above issue is its result. 

 The aforementioned issues are some of the examples of president’s hasty decisions, but there are a lot of such instances for which Afghan people are paying a heave price. The president needs to stop instilling a false hope in people, and instead thoroughly think before making any decision. 



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