Being in position and opposition: The threat posed to the regime by political parties

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 02:41 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 280 times

Afghanistan has turned into a laboratory of ridiculing democratic values and modern governance. The political opposition parties take steps nearly on daily basis that have no definition under governance and political struggle. Every political group threatens the regime for partisan and personal interests, and most of these threats come from elements within the government. Instead of helping improve governance, and admitting their role in the failure of the government, some senior government officials threaten the government, and form political groups and alliances under one name or another solely for their partisan and individual interests. 


Government leaders also cannot move against these officials in order to stay in power or based on other reservations. All key figures of the newly established coalition in Turkey are senior government officials, and still enjoy all government resources, yet they threaten the government. Yesterday, the governor of northern Balkh province, and a leading member of the new alliance, addressed a gathering held in support of the coalition in a tone as if he was not a government official. He challenged and threatened the central government as if he was the leader of an independent country.


Most Afghans believe that political movements which are both in and against the government are more dangerous to the regime than the militants, because they are closer to the government, and the closer a threat is, the higher the degree of its damage is. Because of this factor, the political movements formed by government officials are a major challenge which should be dealt with by the government before the militants. 

A political struggle has its own principles, based on which being in position and opposition at the same time is impossible. If leaders of political alliances view any flaws in the government, they should try to tackle them in their official capacity, not resort to challenging the government. If they think the government is incompetent and failed, they should consider working with such a government a shame, and stay away from it. There is no justification for being in the government, and against the government at the same time. 


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