US-Russia encounter; taxing task of Afghan government

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 03:15 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 360 times

Afghanistan, which should be a regional economic hub in terms of its geographic location, has turned into a theater of rivalries and encounters of superpowers. For decades, Afghanistan has been home to the proxy war of global powers, which has changed the country into a sheer hell for Afghans. The confrontation has deprived other countries of the region in addition to Afghanistan of potential economic projects whose fate is tied to stability in Afghanistan. As long as the encounter is not curbed, peace and stability is impossible in the region, especially in Afghanistan.


Instead of making efforts to alleviate and gradually put an end to the encounter between the superpowers, the problem is further deepening, which shatters the remaining hopes of people for a better future in the war-stricken country. Although a relative harmony between the global powers led to a short-term, relative peace in Afghanistan following the collapse of the Taliban regime, it gradually faded away. Increasing suspicions of the intentions of the US-led western coalition in Afghanistan worried regional powers which had initially supported the military intervention of the alliance, and their concerns escalated to a level of potential threat. Today, the regional players, especially Russia, views the American military presence in Afghanistan as a conspiracy other than a peace-building mission, and given that, any confrontation between the two global powers can have catastrophic consequences  for Afghanistan. 

Recently, relations between the United States and Russia have once again strained. The US has imposed new sanctions on Russia, and Moscow, in retaliation, has decided to expel hundreds of American diplomats from the country. The US-Russia clash further complicates things for the embattled National Unity Government (NUG). Taking into account the fact that the United States has a military presence here, and Russia has strong regional influence, maintaining a balance in relations between Moscow and Washington is difficult for Afghan government, but it is the only option for Kabul. 

The leadership of Afghan government in particular, and Afghan politicians in general, should realize the delicacy of the situation and proceed with caution. They should learn a lesson from the past mistakes, and must not do anything that will help prolong the Afghan conflict. 



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