The fall of three districts in less than week

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 03:00 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 430 times

The country’s security situation and the swiftly expanding activities of militants have somehow caused serious concerns. Three districts fell to the Taliban in the country’s western, northern and southern provinces in just less than a week. At first, the Taliban captured Tiora district of western Ghor province, then Kohistanat district of Faryab province and just yesterday the Janikhail district of Paktia province. Additionally, more than 130 Afghan forces besieged by rebels in Faryab surrendered to the insurgents. 


It is right that the fall of districts to the Taliban is not a new issue, yet the continuation of the trend can finally affect provinces and the entire country. The government which did not pay keen attention to the consolidation of its grip on remote areas now leaves districts to the militants, and if such indifference continues, other provinces can also face the same fate like Kunduz. Today, local officials raise serious concerns about the collapse of Faryab province. When the Taliban can storm provinces in the country’s north, it becomes more difficult for the government to keep control of provinces in the south considered as the stronghold of rebels. 

Despite its obvious failures in providing security, and holding areas, the government claims that Afghan forces are on the offensive. If it is so, why three strategically important districts fall to the Taliban in less than a week, and dozens of government forces surrender to the Taliban because of not receiving support on time.  

Whether the government accepts it or not, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are paying the price for their weak and corrupt leadership. Even there are reports of corruption in the fall of regions into the hands of rebels, which should be investigated. The capture of districts and checkpoints by the Taliban has become a new source of equipping their fighters. By storming districts centers and outposts, they seize large cache of weapons and ammunition, which are then used against Afghan forces. To ensure security, the government, especially its leadership, has to at least purge ANDSF of corrupt and incompetent officials if it cannot find a solution to the Afghan conflict and bring peace to the country. 



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