The unending Afghan tragedy, the need for unity among Afghan nation

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 02:53 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 352 times

Kabul witnessed yet another tragedy yesterday. Once again, many children lost their guardians, women became widows, tens of families mourned the loss of their dear ones, and the helpless Kabulis began another day with grief and screams. A suicide car bombing killed at least 35 civilians, and wounded 40 others in the Gulaye Dawakhana area of Kabul city’s 3rd Police District. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack, saying that the target was a shuttle carrying National Directorate of Security (NDS) personnel. Afghan government has described the claim as ridiculous because NDS never uses a bus to transport its staff. Whatever the target of the attack was, it killed innocent civilians who had just left their homes early morning to earn a living for their families. 


Afghan nation is paying the price of a war with no end in sight, and imposed on them by others to protect their interests. In this dirty war, one side has made life hell for Afghans by bombing their homes and villages under the slogan of war on terror, and the other side is carrying out indiscriminate attacks and brutally killing people in cities under the pretext of fighting the United States and pro-government forces. Ordinary citizens are caught in the middle, and used as fuel to keep the fire ablaze. 


Some certain circles in all sides involved in Afghan conflict have vested interests in the protraction of war. As long as there is a link between their interests and the war, the bloodshed of Afghan people will continue for the interests of others, and also they won’t have anyone to question the culprits. To cut the link off, the only option for Afghan nation is to keep unity. If the nation speaks with one voice and tell all sides, from the government to the international community, that it no longer can bear the brunt of the war, a solution can be found to this destructive war. 

The time has come to talk to both the friends and enemies of Afghanistan in the clearest terms as to who is an obstacle to Afghan peace, and why? After the identification of barriers, the nation should stand up and put an end to this long-running tragedy once and for all. 




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