A patriotic president who cannot inquire into the blood of security forces

Monday, 24 July 2017 03:04 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 515 times

Afghan government remained silent on the third day of the killing of Afghan police by US forces in southern Helmand province. Both the president and his chief executive officer delivered speeches, but none of them even touched upon the issue, let alone to raise their voice against it. Former president Hamid Karzai who is readily available more than anyone else to speak out against American violations in Afghanistan also has not yet shown any reaction to the incident. 


The Afghan war, the longest in US history, is increasingly taking up an ugly face. Besides the intensification of the war with no end in sight, it becomes difficult to differentiate between a friend and an enemy. Even during his presidential term, Ghani is delivering speeches in a tone as if he is still addressing a big election campaign gathering. Speaking at a meeting about tourism held at the Presidential Palace, President Ghani mentioned his patriotism as an example, calling on the people to teach to their children a similar degree of love for the country. How can not asking an ally, not to mention an enemy, for explanation about the killing of Afghan forces with dust-covered faces because of always being on the frontlines defending the country with very little resources and food be called patriotism. 

If the president thinks he, by turning a blind eye to the arbitrary and lawless actions of Americans, will gladden them to pave the way for an end to the ongoing conflict, it is a mistaken belief based on the past experience. If such stance had come to fruition, Karzai’s conferring of medals on American generals would have already liberated the country of the evil of war. 

The experience of the past 16 years showed that any silence on lawless activities of the United States or a blind acceptance of all American demands is not a solution. While it is right that the US is a major economic and military supporter of Afghanistan, compromising the blood of Afghan citizens in return for American support is injustice. Afghan people agreed to partner with the United States; however, such partnership is useless if it is at the cost of their lives. Afghanistan and the United States should treat each other as two independent countries with mutual interests. 


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