Noor’s statements with dangerous message

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 03:04 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 440 times

The weak government stance has paved the way for unhealthy political rivalries in the country besides other problems. This very weakness has created an increasingly tenuous political climate, in which the people of Afghanistan daily witness the formation of new coalitions and factions, and emergence of new challenges. Ata Mohammad Noor, the governor of Balkh, who is a leading member of the Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan newly established by disgruntled senior government officials, has said they would not turn down foreign assistance request if needed. He has made the remarks in an apparent response to criticisms of why they have announced the creation of the new alliance in a foreign country, or why the alliance was pursuing the goals of foreigners. He has implied that if forced to seek foreign assistance for the protection of the interests and life of people, he would not refrain from accepting the offer; however, such statements can send a very dangerous message, especially in the current critical situation. 


If any political side or group resort to foreign support when its interests are threatened, the fear of the country turning into a battleground for proxy wars will come true. In that case, the regional and other global powers will have their proxy forces in Afghanistan to safeguard their interests, and use the forces as they wish. The government will be helpless to contain the situation, and the country will become a second Syria. 


Political struggle in the light of the country’s applicable laws is the right of every political group and party; however, seeking foreign assistance to pursue partisan goals is on no account justifiable, and cannot help rectify the situation. It is the foreign interference that is primarily to be blamed for the country’s current woes. If any political movement or party turns to that failed experience, it will not have any meaning other than rubbing salt on the wounds of the bereaved Afghan nation. 

Taking into account the country’s delicate situation, the political parties or their key members should eschew embracing a stance that can lead to more problems. The government, as a responsible side, should not allow the repeat of the bitter experience of receiving foreign assistance for political ends, and turning the country into a battleground for an endless proxy war. 



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