The uncompletable cabinet

Monday, 17 July 2017 03:08 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 1192 times

While it is widely believed that Afghanistan is passing through a critical historical juncture, the National Unity Government (NUG) has not been successful to complete only its cabinet with over a half of its term already passed. The issue of professionalism and merit-based appointments is a second-level priority.


Over a half of the cabinet is currently managed by caretakers through the government has been in power for more than two years and a half. Even ministries considered the backbone of the cabinet don’t have ministers. Ministers in Afghanistan usually don’t feel themselves responsible, so how the caretakers should be expected to responsibly run the ministries. Even as a country embroiled in a war for which its citizens daily pay a heavy price, the government doesn’t have a defense minister. Members of Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF) make the ultimate sacrifice for the country on daily basis, yet the president and his chief executive officer don’t agree on the appointment of the defense minister. 

Although the government may perhaps pin the blame for most of its failure on the former administration, the continued work of acting ministers can on no account be justified. That very problems has paralyzed government affairs, widening the existing gap between the people and the government, and dashing the hopes of Afghan people for having a bright future. 

Before bragging about major economic projects, President Ghani should once think about how many ministers of his cabinet are acting, and so how he will implement those projects. If a president is not able to complete his cabinet, how he will execute major economic projects that, according to his campaigners, have disconcerted the neighboring countries.

The president and his CEO should no longer try to deceive the people using empty slogans and rhetoric, and they rather have to take practical steps. The first step they should take before further ridiculing governance and serving their full term is to complete the cabinet. If caretakers continue to run government entities, the implementation of projects which government leaders use as slogans will be building castles in the air. The time has come for government leaders to put their differences aside, and pave the way for the completion of the cabinet once and for all. 


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