Unpredicted expansion of Daesh in Afghanistan

Monday, 19 June 2017 03:02 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 358 times

Daesh or the Islamic State terrorist group is unexpectedly becoming a great threat.  When it first emerged in the country’s east, the popular belief was that the terror group had no place in Afghanistan. It was expected that the brutal conduct of the group and the strong opposition of Afghan people with its ideology will not give a chance to the terrorists to gain a foothold in their country. Additionally, there was no expectation that another militant group will become strong in case of the expanding presence of the resurgent Taliban. Also, the rareness of religious wars in Afghanistan strengthened the belief that Daesh will not have the opportunity to become as stronger as in Iraq and Syria.


 However, the gains made by the terror group over the last two years proved that assumption wrong. With all its barbarity, Daesh is increasingly expanding. The Afghan government and its international allies claimed several times that Daesh had been defeated in the country’s east, yet the ground realities proved those claims baseless. The group which was considered a major threat in eastern regions has now expanded its operations to northern regions, where even it was not expected until a few years ago that the Taliban will get a foothold. 

There are many questions about the military operations of Afghan government and its western allies against Daesh besides their attitude and claims. Whenever Afghan forces have carried out operations against Daesh, the group has retaken all the areas after sometime. Even when local people have risen up against the terrorists, they have not been backed by the government as necessary. As long as Daesh enjoys safe havens on the other side of the Durand Line as other terrorists groups do, the war in Afghanistan cannot be won by bombing Afghan homes and villages. 

In order to get rid of the existing suspicion of the intentions of Afghan government and the United States, a real fight against Daesh is the first condition. For a true fight against Daesh, the group should be eradicated by pressuring elements accused of supporting it in addition to intensifying the battle against it. This is the only way to eliminate skepticism about the fight against the terror group. 


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