US must support China’s initiative aimed to resolve Afghan conflict

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 03:14 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 309 times

The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan prompts regional countries to swing into action, and initiate efforts to settle the long-running Afghan conflict because the US-led western military presence could not restore peace and stability to Afghanistan.  The level of potential threat posed by terrorism from Afghanistan to regional countries is far higher than that to the west, an issue that sparks off the reaction of regional countries that had maintained full impartiality in Afghan issue, and refrained from engaging in Afghanistan. China is one of these nations.


China which had remained neutral in Afghan conflict, and its only engagement in Afghanistan was in the area of economic development, has now began to get involved in Afghan political issues. As part of its recent efforts, the country has proposed to repair ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan, or according to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, make peace between the two countries. Addressing a gathering at ARG (the Presidential Palace), President Ghani has said China wants to make peace between Afghanistan and Pakistan, a long-held demand of Kabul as described by President Ghani. Additionally, Chinese Ambassador to Kabul has recently said in an interview that his country was ready to ease even very complex issues of Afghan conflict if requested by Afghan government. 

China’s initiative is highly welcome; however, its chance of success without the backing of US-led western countries is little. China’s efforts to settle Afghan conflict, or normalize Afghan-Pak relations can end up in failure as other endeavors if the US creates problems for them, which shows that the United States is still in full control of the game in Afghanistan. 

  Now it is the responsibility of the Afghan government to support Chinese peace efforts while also preventing its western allies from interfering in, or standing against, the process. If the government succeeds to do so, Chinese efforts can have high chance of success given China’s influence over Pakistan because of its economic reliance. For now, the future of the issue is dependent on Afghan government’s initiative, and the backing of western countries.


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