Illegal use of legal right

Sunday, 11 June 2017 03:23 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 315 times

The main and central parts of Kabul City have been closed to traffic for several days, paralyzing businesses and plaguing ordinary citizens, patients and people who have urgent works to do. Additionally, the employees of government and non-government organizations located in these areas also don’t report for work because of the road closures justified by the protestors as a civil and justice-seeking movement.


Following the Wednesday massive bombing in Kabul’s diplomatic district that killed and wounded hundreds of Afghans, some people staged demonstrations, which turned violent and a problem themselves instead of helping resolve the issue, further increasing the woes of bereaved residents of Kabul, and also claiming more lives.  Since then, the demonstrators have set up tents on main roads in several parts of the city. 

The camps have created a lot of problems for Kabul residents during the sizzling hot days in the holy month of Ramadan. In addition to road blockages, people are concerned about the resumption of violence in Kabul streets, and therefore avoid to travel through the routs blocked by protestors.  

Staging a peaceful demonstration is the legal right of Afghans as the country’s applicable laws, and people can take to the street to pressure the government to meet their lawful demands; however, the any street protests should not violate the rights of other citizens. The recent anti-government sit-ins not only have deprived some Afghan citizens of their right to freely go home and to work, but have also created many problems for patients, whose  photos published on social media are gut-wrenching. 

The government and political leaders have to take immediate action to resolve the issue. Neither the protestors should misuse their legal right, nor should the government allow them to vex Kabul residents in the heat. Both sides have to resort to dialogue in the light of applicable laws, and solve the existing problems.


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