Misgivings about war on terror

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 03:11 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 376 times

The first Kabul Process Conference on Afghan peace and security was held in Kabul, with representatives of over 20 nations and international organizations in attendance. At the inaugural speech, President Ashraf Ghani brought up a key issue in the fight against terrorism among other issues. President Ghani said the steps taken by international community in the war against terrorism were not sufficient, and that all dimensions of terrorism have not been dealt with appropriately. 


Now, the mistrust of the global war on terrorism is not only an important point of discussion in Afghanistan, but also in the world. The citizens of many countries and governments criticize, and have concerns about the way of the fight against this phenomenon. At the forefront and as a theater of this war, Afghanistan is also not free of such concerns. 

If we discuss only Afghanistan as an example, it has made a lot of sacrifices in the battle against terrorism; however, the upshots do not live up to expectations. Instead of leading to peace, stability, progress and prosperity in the country, these sacrifices have increased violence. The US-led western forces have begun their military mission in Afghanistan to eliminate Al-Qaeda, yet not only has the global terror network not been decimated, but also, according to Afghan government,  the number of terrorist groups in the country has increased to 20. In addition to an increase in the number of terror outfits, the nature of violence and barbarity of terrorists has also significantly changed for worst. These results, which are opposite to promises, raise questions about the honesty of superpowers in the war on terror. 

As long as there is no enough transparency and honesty in the fight against terrorism, and governments continue to use terrorists as proxy forces to protect their long term interests, the world will not be safe from the scourge of terrorism.  The war on terror in its current form, in which impoverished countries like Afghanistan are picked as battlegrounds instead of fighting against the sources of terrorism, only protects the interests of certain countries, but the victims will be the poor nations like Afghans.  


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